Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feb 29th is today!! Leap yeaarrr...

On this Feb 29th which is happen once in every 4 years only, I would like to make a wish list. Perhaps in next 4 years one of these  4 wishes become real.. :)

- LibraryCafe
- Happy little family
- Perform umrah with my family
- Scholarship for master degree

InsyaAllah.. :)

Happy Leap Year everyone, make ur own wish list.. ;)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

work HARD, shop HARDER

hahaha, just finished my job desk. Lack of sleep. But satisfied, i did my best. As reward for myself, or maybe someone kindly and nicely would give me a reward, these would be your options... :P
Topshop Pointelle Bennie

Zara Lace Sweatshirt

Zara Geometric Print Trouser

Topshop Monsieur Metallic Trim Shoes

Aaahh,, it's time to go to the dreamland.. Morning dreamers.. :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

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I'm open for any invitations or collaborations even a sponsored content about parenting, traveling, food and beauty. 

Disclaimer: All contents and pictures in this blog were made by me due to my honest opinion and experience. If you wish to use the pictures, please credit the photograph back to this blog. All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as "Sponsored Post" at the end of the post.

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A great day means a productive one

That's in my opinion..
yesterday, I went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 held by InStyle Magazine... A fabulous one! The ticket cost you 10k rupiah only and what you get is billion inspiration!! worth to try..
Took some pics, but not too many. Got myself busy by looking around, amazed my eyes and my mind, and interviewing some people..
Media Center

Famous wall, people stop and took pictures.. Me? too busy.. :P

book of inspiration!
inspiring people!
best of all: talked to Poppy Darsono and Musa, such a memorable one! They even asked my opinion about IFW 2012 to a newbie on fashion like me.. :')

Such a great day and inspiring one.. Alhamdulillah..

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Morning sky from the 5th floor

Just arrived at my office, have to do morning coverage... Spent my time waiting for my partner. Here's Jakarta's Morning Sky,, today,, soo gloomy...

-got some trouble with my bb, will upload the pic later- :P

gloomy morning

Thursday, 16 February 2012

whoing,, whoing, whoooiiinngg... There's a crowd in my head..

I'm sorry if these words will bother you.. So many things in my head lately, let me say, work, my wish list,  and marriage.. Ooopss.. what did I say? Yup, let me say my random things in my mind..
About the work stuff, heemm it leads me to the wish list that i have to buy...  
*Pocket Camera

- My Lovely 4 y.o. laptop (i wanna to keep her !)
- My 2 y.o WhiteBerry (i wanna to keep her also..)

I am not good with gadget honestly, most of my gadget end up broken cause of little silly mistakes that I made.. (raise your hand, if you have the same problems.. :P ) but I need them.. And it'll cost me a lot this month.. InsyaAllah there will be a way... Amiiinnn...

Second, about marriage..
I didn't think it would be so complicated, but i do realize this is family matter and once in a lifetime memory, that's why people would take it seriously. Alhamdulillah, I found the one, lets call him 'A boy' a.k.a Astro Boy,, that's his nick name from me... Met him on 2006 but I didn't recognize him at all, until we met (again) on August 2011. Yes, that was last year.. Never thought it's gonna be this fast, but I do enjoy my journey with him in something we called "L.O.V.E" or "Unconditional L.O.V.E" precisely. 

Suppose to be grateful anyhow.., and suppose to think big! heemmm,, yoga exercise helps me lately, i must say it fits me better than gym.. and it remains me of my childhood dream as a ballerina!!! :D

and as my childhood remains me of my other dream which is had a pet,, kitten would be lovely.. Kitten and ballerina mixed by, it would become this picture!!! Can't stop smiling now... :)

Courtesy of
Blogging made my mood.. hum! I know what i'm gonna do now, office and gadget shopping, yeay!!!! Ciao randomers! :D

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Han Suki time

It's a family time on Monday!
So happy, all the family members were there, ate the healthy yet delicious food in a quite Botani Square shopping mall. Hehehe..
pickers' heaven, choose as you wish..

two different sauce

bro's happy face :)

mine is udon,, yum yum!

More From Semarang

More pictures from Semarang. Went to Candi Gedong Songo (Gedong Songo Temple), I rode a horse around the area. About 2, 475 meter around. It took an hour by horse, and cost you 50 k rupiah only. Quite cheap huh?
the place itself is clean and beautiful scenery... advice: use your jacket, it's cold up there..
back to 5 century, Dinasti Sanjaya made these beautiful temples for religious ritual. They made about 5 temple groups in one area. They believe that the higher temple is the way to be closer to God.
Until now, the Hindus still use this place to do Nyepi once in a year.

The highest temple at 1.400 meter fro the sea level. Cold! 
And i went to Rawa Pening also. It's the extensive wetland. Most people believe that the swamp formed from water that came out shortly after the stick, owned by a little boy name Bayu Klinting, revoked. Bayu Klinting is the a phantom dragon who incarnated as a child. That's a folklore from Ambarawa, Semarang. Interesting rite?

Ending the trip, it's time for souvenir time! honestly, if it's not a business trip, i wont buy any souvenirs for anyone. Hehehe.. :P
At Semarang there's a famous souvenir place named Bandung Juwana. Went there, and ended up with 4 kilos souvenirs!
see there are many options for the souvenir!

Love these moci from Gemini. What can I say? ADDICTED!

Look at the crowd!! Woohhooo...

what we got,, 4 kilos each.. :P

Had a great time at Semarang. :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Heihoo (That's one of my random things)

Heihoo" suppose to be title of this. But, I made a mistake by put it as a Blog Title. Somebody help me please..
Yes, I am a newbie.
Just made up my mind to make this blog, so I can share my random life, but am happy with it.
The blog title's suppose to be "Happy Easy Random Life (H.E.R Life)", guess it becomes "Heihoo" from now on. Hahaha..

"Heihoo" made in Semarang, at DAFAM hotel. Ow, ow, put that dirty mind away! Am here for doing my job as a reporter, i have to traveling to many places on earth. Yup, super duper happy with that! And I would love to make you happy by share some stories with pictures.. Here they are..
Nasi Mbak Tum, The most delicious Opor Ayam so far!

K-Pop pose on survey time..
Not only for work, but we went to Sam Poo Kong Temple also. It looks like Forbidden City in China, but on smaller size... Interesting! We had fun on there, took many pictures. We took some poses like no one can see it.. Hahaha..
Me and Indah Rahadjo at Sam Poo Kong Temple

I tried to copy the statue pose.. is it look alike? :P

Kungfu Panda's pose! Yes, we're warrior wanna be..

Will share more pictures and story, got to do my job now.. Sippooo... :)