Monday, 6 February 2012

Heihoo (That's one of my random things)

Heihoo" suppose to be title of this. But, I made a mistake by put it as a Blog Title. Somebody help me please..
Yes, I am a newbie.
Just made up my mind to make this blog, so I can share my random life, but am happy with it.
The blog title's suppose to be "Happy Easy Random Life (H.E.R Life)", guess it becomes "Heihoo" from now on. Hahaha..

"Heihoo" made in Semarang, at DAFAM hotel. Ow, ow, put that dirty mind away! Am here for doing my job as a reporter, i have to traveling to many places on earth. Yup, super duper happy with that! And I would love to make you happy by share some stories with pictures.. Here they are..
Nasi Mbak Tum, The most delicious Opor Ayam so far!

K-Pop pose on survey time..
Not only for work, but we went to Sam Poo Kong Temple also. It looks like Forbidden City in China, but on smaller size... Interesting! We had fun on there, took many pictures. We took some poses like no one can see it.. Hahaha..
Me and Indah Rahadjo at Sam Poo Kong Temple

I tried to copy the statue pose.. is it look alike? :P

Kungfu Panda's pose! Yes, we're warrior wanna be..

Will share more pictures and story, got to do my job now.. Sippooo... :)

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