Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More From Semarang

More pictures from Semarang. Went to Candi Gedong Songo (Gedong Songo Temple), I rode a horse around the area. About 2, 475 meter around. It took an hour by horse, and cost you 50 k rupiah only. Quite cheap huh?
the place itself is clean and beautiful scenery... advice: use your jacket, it's cold up there..
back to 5 century, Dinasti Sanjaya made these beautiful temples for religious ritual. They made about 5 temple groups in one area. They believe that the higher temple is the way to be closer to God.
Until now, the Hindus still use this place to do Nyepi once in a year.

The highest temple at 1.400 meter fro the sea level. Cold! 
And i went to Rawa Pening also. It's the extensive wetland. Most people believe that the swamp formed from water that came out shortly after the stick, owned by a little boy name Bayu Klinting, revoked. Bayu Klinting is the a phantom dragon who incarnated as a child. That's a folklore from Ambarawa, Semarang. Interesting rite?

Ending the trip, it's time for souvenir time! honestly, if it's not a business trip, i wont buy any souvenirs for anyone. Hehehe.. :P
At Semarang there's a famous souvenir place named Bandung Juwana. Went there, and ended up with 4 kilos souvenirs!
see there are many options for the souvenir!

Love these moci from Gemini. What can I say? ADDICTED!

Look at the crowd!! Woohhooo...

what we got,, 4 kilos each.. :P

Had a great time at Semarang. :)

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