Thursday, 16 February 2012

whoing,, whoing, whoooiiinngg... There's a crowd in my head..

I'm sorry if these words will bother you.. So many things in my head lately, let me say, work, my wish list,  and marriage.. Ooopss.. what did I say? Yup, let me say my random things in my mind..
About the work stuff, heemm it leads me to the wish list that i have to buy...  
*Pocket Camera

- My Lovely 4 y.o. laptop (i wanna to keep her !)
- My 2 y.o WhiteBerry (i wanna to keep her also..)

I am not good with gadget honestly, most of my gadget end up broken cause of little silly mistakes that I made.. (raise your hand, if you have the same problems.. :P ) but I need them.. And it'll cost me a lot this month.. InsyaAllah there will be a way... Amiiinnn...

Second, about marriage..
I didn't think it would be so complicated, but i do realize this is family matter and once in a lifetime memory, that's why people would take it seriously. Alhamdulillah, I found the one, lets call him 'A boy' a.k.a Astro Boy,, that's his nick name from me... Met him on 2006 but I didn't recognize him at all, until we met (again) on August 2011. Yes, that was last year.. Never thought it's gonna be this fast, but I do enjoy my journey with him in something we called "L.O.V.E" or "Unconditional L.O.V.E" precisely. 

Suppose to be grateful anyhow.., and suppose to think big! heemmm,, yoga exercise helps me lately, i must say it fits me better than gym.. and it remains me of my childhood dream as a ballerina!!! :D

and as my childhood remains me of my other dream which is had a pet,, kitten would be lovely.. Kitten and ballerina mixed by, it would become this picture!!! Can't stop smiling now... :)

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Blogging made my mood.. hum! I know what i'm gonna do now, office and gadget shopping, yeay!!!! Ciao randomers! :D

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