Wednesday, 14 March 2012

People come and go, good friends will always stay.. :)

Once upon a day, I met some of my best friends at Ismaya Resto on Level One Grand Indonesia.. It's been long time we don't hang around.. This time we share food, stories, laugh, hopes.. Guess that's what friends are fore, to remind you about yourself and dreams around you..
Love the place, the food, the treat, and love you all good friends.. :)

Me and Dhaniel try to pretend a snapshot with the gaunt cheeks.. But, it seems so wrong.. Hahaha..

The Band, they are great! Love the girl.. :)

Lychee Tea and Red Velvet, yum yum..
Ismaya's Recommended Aglio, for me it's too spicy..

Good friends do hug each other.. 

Ka Arimjn, Ka Yosse, Lista, Me, Irma and Dhaniel, POSE!

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