Sunday, 2 September 2012

Peace begins with a smile

Peace begins with a smile
Mother Theresa

Yesterday, I learned something. Something called patience. All day I have to wait for a long time of something or someone. It was boring. I almost cried. Wasting time and energy.  I got something better to do than this. That's what I thought. I grumbled and put a sad face. But, it didn't change the situation, is getting worse instead.
Then I let myself took a deep breath, smile and laugh at it. At everything that made me wait and waste my time. I felt more relax.., in a minute, it made my day.
I said "Sorry" and "It's okay", i felt lighter.
In life you have to deal with others, then it takes your time and energy. Understand others, be patience, forgive, then you'll be life in peace, with a smile..

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