Friday, 4 January 2013

A Second Of Pain An Hour Of Happiness

I got Rubeola!! Yeay yeay,, do you know what it's mean? It's mean I got rash all over my body. I got fever, and achy bones.. Uh, it doesn't feel good at all, while your body is achy and stiff and got high fever yet you can't have a good sleep. And it's contagious!

Even though I had a contagious disease, hubby took care of me gently. He use the gloves and mask and serve me anytime I need something. He fed me, bought me sushi, change my clothes, put ice on my forehead. He watch me during the night, He woke me up when I'm talk in one's sleep. He said I was singing while sleeping. How could it be? Hahaha..

At that time I did not stop praising Allah. Hubby said, taking from the words of Prophet Muhammad, that " every pain we got even just punctured by needle, it can erase the sin. Then take this opportunity to erase yours". Amin if that so. But I didn't thinking to erase sin that I made, indeed I keep regret myself for not being thankful before. It gave me time to be thankful of a healthy body that I had before. Even though I used to complain all the time about it shape, but at least i had one healthy and complete body it's more than enough. You don't know what you got until it's gone. It's truly right! So be thankful of what you got today and right now.

As I'm thankful of my hubby who took care of me during my weak moment, Allah sent another present for us. It's two stripes! Yes, I'm talking about the pregnancy test. A week ago I took the test pack, it's already two stripes but we didn't sure. So we wait until a week or two and run another test. And the result is: TWO STRIPES! Alhamdulillah....

We didn't plan it before. But now we're very grateful for the gift. If Allah let us take this responsibility, insyaAllah with His guide we will do our best. Bismillah.. :)

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