Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Wooohhoo it's 2013 already! What's your plans for this year? I'm pretty sure you're all planning of amazing year.. A better year than 2012.. That's human being, and that's good, it means we want to change to be better us.. So how many resolutions did you make? These are mine:

- Closer to Allah dan Family.
- More grateful of everything (already start my 'Thans God Book')
- Got driving lisence (Yes, I'am 25 and have none of any driving lisence! :P)
- Blogging more!
- Stay healthy and stick to the financial planning..
- Learn something new! (I'm thinking of sewing! Or more DIY decoration project at home.. ;) )
- Cooking or baking more than usual, I'm gonna make your tummy happy dear hubby! :)
- Travelling more with hubby.. <3
- Prepare myself to be an entrepreneur

And as a reward to myself, I will treat myself a journey to all day spa! Mesatilas perhaps.. Bisimillah, wish you all a great year coming!! *crossing fingers*  :D


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