Saturday, 5 January 2013

Inspired By Her

"I am living proof that dreams come true against all odds."
..Christine Ha..

I love watching Masterchef US and Junior Masterchef. Season 3 of Masterchef US brought a surprise! It's Christine Ha. A 33 years old petite lady and she's also blind. From the first time her presence makes me amazed and shame of myself. Amazed because she made a great food with taste it and smell it only. Shame on me because I can see but I don't wanna look at what I eat and look how it made.

In the early episodes, she lack of confident. She thought with  her vision lost, she won't be able catch up the competition. But she was wrong, otherwise she always leading the competition! And ended up as a winner!

How can she cook without any vision. She touch the food carefully, feel it with her hands every ingredients. During cooking, she always smell it and taste it. The spoon never can get far from her mouth!Hehe..

That's her strength, without any vision she cook like nobody watch it and taste it like she want to eat it and smell it to fed her soul. The judges lost their words so many time! No wonder if she won the Masterchef US Season 3. Congratulation Christine Ha and thank you for inspiring others like me.

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