Thursday, 17 January 2013

Remember Today: Jakarta Hit By Deadly Flooding

Today I was amazed by force of nature. Something that you can't resist. It's there, nature it's there on her position, waiting us calmly to be understand of the situation. The situation that made us suffer, the situation that happen because we made it suffer first. So this tragedy happen for a reason, to let us know that earth is sick because of us.

Jakarta, the capital of South East Asia's largest economy, was brought to its knees today because of rising floodwaters.
Cars and motorcycles broke down midway through their journey, as the waters inundated parts of the capital city. Many Jakartans have been left stranded because of the lack of public transport, wading through roads that have turned into rivers to get to their destination.
As a result many government offices and businesses have been forced to close. Some schools have told their students to stay at home.
Jakartans are used to dealing with floods - this happens every year because of the torrential rains. But this time, even the usually immune central business district has been affected. In low-lying areas, residents have said waters have reached 2-3 metres high.
People here regularly complain that the government hasn't done enough to upgrade its infrastructure and protect its citizens from what could have been an avoidable disaster.

As reported by BBC News, Jakarta were freeze in a moment since the water came and become higher every second. I wanna share some pictures from, these picture shown us how powerful the nature is and human being nothing but a selfish creature.

Bunderan HI


More malls more chance to another flood

What can you do with billion rupiah car? Nothing.

Will you give your children a place like this to live? Is it right to blame on other such as government? Did you do well manage with your garbage and plant more trees? Take your time to answer those questions. And let the earth knows the 'answer'. 

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