Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Her name is Ainiya Syakira

Alhamdulillah, my little girl was born on September 2nd 2013. Healthy and warm. From the first time I heard her loud voice, I knew that we gave her the perfect name: Ainiya Syakira.
Those name means "a strong/brave girl that always says her gratitude to Allah"
5 minutes old
1 day old

7,5 months of baby sya

7,5 months ago it was our first time hear you cry
now you can giggle and laugh out loud
7,5 months ago all you can do were sleep, cry, smile a lil bit and sleep again (almost) all day and night
now you can't stop moving around even when your asleep
7,5 months ago we never knew that you're real
now we're never ever gonna tired to say our gratitude that you're here with us

we did mistakes, a lot, as new member in parenting stuff.. 
we learn to be a better one
but we never want to be the perfect one
yet let us be your best parents ever.. 

we love you our 7,5 months old baby Sya..